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Who is Fullsped?

Fullsped International Transport was established in 1993 with the aim of providing a more boutique service to customers.

Our company, which has been operating in all branches of transportation from the past to the present, has specialized in suspended freight transportation and has adopted the hanger freight transport as its main service branch. In addition to this type of transportation, it provides services to many other sectors such as chemistry, automotive, spare parts and cold chain.

Our company is headquartered in Istanbul, and we have representative offices in various countries of Europe.

All vehicles in our fleet are monitored with a remote monitoring system. Our vehicles have environmentally friendly engines and have access permits to all major city areas where entry is restricted for environmental reasons.


To be a company that can meet all the logistics needs of our customers.


To provide a better quality service to our customers by integrating innovative technologies into our system.

Our understanding of quality is based on 4 principles ...


Honest and Reliable Service


Fast Flow of Information


Experienced Expert Team


Current in Technology


Our company has all the documents needed for transportation.

In order to provide optimum service in transportations; We have documents such as C2 Authorization Certificate required for international transportation with a truck, ILU codes given to enable trailers to get on trains that can provide intermodal service in intermodal transportation, LEZ ( Low Emission Zone) entry permits applied to prevent air pollution in metropolitan cities.

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